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Dear CPS American School of Warsaw Clients,
We are honoured to have the opportunity to cooperate with you. It will be our pleasure to serve fresh and healthy meals and tasty snacks to your children.

The mission of healthy nutrition and the values we are pursuing have allowed us to successfully carry out professional activities for many years. We hope that the experience and commitment of CPS will meet your needs and make you happy.

This year we have created a new friendly log in to your children pre-paid account. Also to improve transactions in the Cafeteria, from this year on we are making it possible to use your school ID card to make payments.

Your personalized account gives you:
  • Accelerated purchases made in the Cafeteria
  • Daily monitoring of transactions and choices made by your children
  • You can check your current account balance and your payment history
  • For younger children's parents and guardians (PK - Grade 2), there is a place where you can choose the menu for your children. The Menu for the coming week should be selected by Sunday until 11:00 pm.

To log in to your pre-paid account please follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Select your preferred language in the upper left of the page.
2. Enter the login, which is the name of your child without spaces all in lower case “firstnamelastname”, for example johnsmith.
3. If you did not have an account, enter the first automatic password “123456”. After your first log in you can set your own individual password.

If you have your account from previous years you should use your old password to log in, if you need new one please just send an email to our office asw@cpscatering.pl.

Students and parents are invited to like our Facebook profile “ASW Cafeteria”, where you can find information about our daily menu and CPS activities.

We remain at your disposal. In case of any questions you can contact CPS Catering managers via email: asw@cpscatering.pl or phone: +48 22 702 85 86 (Mon–Fri 8:00–16:00). You can also use a contact form.

We wish you a very successful and productive year,
CPS Catering
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